xtava Styling Hair Clips for Women - Set of 12 Professional Hair Clips with Hair Styling and Sectioning - Wide Teeth & Durable for Hair Salon Quality Alligator Hair Clips - 12 x Hair Clip

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Manufacturer Description

The xtava Pinup Alligator Hair Clips for Women are the solution you've been looking for to help you section off your hair for styling and drying with ease. No more sectioning off your hair by hand or pulling your ponytail, only to be left with tangles and indents in your hair. Hair professionals use hair clips to section off hair as they style and dry for precise styling and now you can get those same salon quality results at home. You might think there's a big secret to getting that salon style, but there's not - all it takes is a few hair alligator clips to section off hair so you can work to style it one step at a time.

These hair clips feature a unique, flexible double-hinged design to automatically sense how much hair is in the clip and hold it securely in place. Whether you place a small amount of hair in the hair clip or a large amount of hair, the hair clips will keep it place without leaving an indent in your hair, damaging it or tangling it. You can use these 4.5 inch hair clips with 0.5 inch teeth on any length of hair, from short or long, to fine or thick, and even use these hair clips to achieve casual waves-just twist hair into sections, clip into place, and blow dry.

Product Features

SMART STYLING HAIR CLIPS FOR WOMEN - The unique flexible double-hinged design of these professional alligator clips adjusts to grip your hair securely, no matter how thin or thick your strands are. These hair clips can handle any length or type of hair, from fine to thick. 12 x Hair Clip Pack NO MORE PONYTAILS - Tired of using ponytails to keep hair out of your face while you style it? These alligator clips feature an extra hinge that keeps your hair in place for styling, without damaging your hair, getting it tangled, or leaving a dent. Nobody wants to go through all the work of blow drying or styling, only to have that annoying indent when you take your hair out! DURABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT - Each hair clip is made of durable plastic, our thick hair clips are sturdy enough to last, but lightweight so they won't hurt your head while styling. These large hair clips for women can be angled to keep hair out of the way, giving you more room to work with as you style PROFESSIONAL SECTIONING HAIR CLIPS - With extra-wide 0.5 inch teeth, each professional hair clip is perfect to keep hair sectioned off while coloring, cutting, or styling any length and type of women's hair. Divide hair into smaller sections for more precise styling or larger sections for blow drying or big volume MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON HAIR CLIPS FOR WOMEN - Refer to standard terms and services for details

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