Jade Facial Roller (Chi Roller) – 100% Natural Jade Stone Roller for Premium Anti Aging Therapy, Double Neck Healing and Slimming Massager

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Manufacturer Description

Jade is a metamorphic rock or stone that is naturally colored green, red, yellow, or white.
When polished and treated, the vibrant colors of jade can be extraordinary.
The most popular kind of jade in Chinese culture is green jade, which has an emerald hue.

Jade facial rollers have been around for centuries; there's evidence of them as far back as
seventh-century China, where the stone was believed to have healing and protective properties.
Like most beauty strategies that stand the test of time, the art is in a jade roller's
simplicity. The mechanism is downright basic: It features an oblong stone of pure jade, usually an
inch to an inch and a half long, that's attached to a handle with a metal frame, like a
paint roller. Many versions are dual-ended, featuring a smaller stone on the opposite end for
use on smaller areas, like around the eyes.

Benefits of Using Jade Rollers:

The Jade stone has extraordinary benefits when used as a facial massage roller. This facial ritual
was made famous by ancient royal families that used the Jade stone for massaging their
faces to keep a healthy, youthful appearance. Jade Roller facial massage gives the following

Brighten complexion

Diminish appearance of fine lines

Improved blood circulation and skin tone

Assistance in lymphatic drainage

Improved elasticity of the skin

Reduced puffiness and wrinkles

Reduced dark under eye circles

Aid in detoxification by strengthening the body's filtration and cleansing system
Tighten skin pores (since the jade remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin)

Relieving Sinus pain and Headaches

Product Features

Premium Quality Real Jade Stone: Excellent jade roller with 1st quality real jade stone also known as the stone of eternal youth. A go-to gemstone for facial treatments. Cheaper and Better than Plastic Surgery: Cheaper than plastic surgery and with more natural results, keep the Jade roller close by and have your own Fountain of Youth at your fingertips. After applying your favorite moisturizer or facial serum, use a Jade Roller over your skin to reduce puffiness, drain the lymphatic system, and increase blood circulation--all the things that are needed to create that fresh-faced goddess glow. Reduce Tension and Stress: The Jade crystal stone meaning is associated with its powerful ability to reduce tension in the facial muscles, filling people with positive energy that helps dissipate anxiety and stress while creating healing relaxation. which makes it an excellent beauty aid for smoothing out wrinkles and glowing and refreshed skin-tone. INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED with the Jade Beauty Chi Roller show how to roll over face and meridian points to promote face Chi for younger more radiant complexion. PRODUCT COMES COMPLETE WITH: Jade Roller, GuaSha Tool, Instruction Manual, White Pouch to keep the Jade Roller Safe and a Handy storage box to keep all the items safe in the package.

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