Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For Any Age

Updated on 8/22/16

Your anti-aging routine is going to change throughout your life because your body will require different things as it passes through stages. How? Well, in your twenties you may be fighting adult acne, but in your forties you’re fighting wrinkles. And that’s just the beginning. There are a few anti-aging beauty tips, however that you can  incorporate into your lifestyle at any age. Regardless of whether you’re in your twenties or sixties, these tips will help to make you feel better inside and out.

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips For Any Age

Drink Plenty Of Water– Drinking at least eight glasses of water is one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging. For starters, water hydrates your body and skin so that it looks nourished and bright rather than dull and dry. In addition to that, water gets all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to all of your organs, ensuring a healthier you. It also flushes out all of the waste that your body doesn’t need so that you look and feel like a better you.

Eat Healthy Foods– One of the best anti-aging beauty tips that I can give you is to eat healthy foods. Sure every now and then you’ll crave something sweet or oily and that’s okay. However, for the most part your diet should contain lots of berries, yogurt, fish, veggies (especially the leafy green ones), fruits and lean meats.

Exercise Regularly– Working out regularly is a great way to look and feel good about yourself. When you exercise your pores open up and release the oils and dirt that are in your skin. Working out also helps to increase collagen production and it helps your body to repair sun damage.

Think Positively– My husbands 86 year old aunt never got botox but she has very few wrinkles and fine lines. The secret to her success is that she always thinks of the best in every situation. No matter how bad it is (and let me tell you that this lady has suffered a lot in her life) she tries to think well of others even if they’re nasty to her, disrespectful or rude. She puts jealousy aside and wants the best for her friends and family. She focuses on the good. Now you may think that this is not a beauty tip but there are many doctors, studies and other people out there who will say that it is. The power of positive thinking shows through your skin and less you stress and focus on the bad, the more the good shines through.

Get Enough Sleep– When you’re young you feel invincible. You can go out until three in the morning, wake up at seven, go to work and do it all over again. Losing sleep from time to time is ok, but your body needs its rest. Not only will you be able to focus better, but you’ll feel more energized and you won’t have to worry about those horrid dark under eye circles that make you look tired and older.

Moisturize– Make sure to use a moisturizer that is made for your exact skin type so that you don’t add to your skin problems. What am I talking about you say? It’s simple. Let’s say you have acne and you purchase a moisturizer that is made for dry skin. It’s very much likely that your skin will become even more oily. Or if you do the vice versa then you can dry out your skin even more. Anyway, moisturizing is a great way to add ingredients to your daily routing that fight off the signs of aging. A good moisturizer will help to protect your skin from free radicals and to nourish it. Since your hands and chest tend to show signs of aging early on, don’t forget to include them in your daily routine.

Use Sunscreen– One of the anti-aging tips that you’ve been hearing about for some time now is to wear sunscreen every day. This helps to keep your skin from burning and it fights the dangerous rays of the sun. If you choose to skip it and spend a lot of time outdoors there is a chance that you’ll get wrinkly sooner rather than later.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes– If it’s not enough that smoking is bad for your general health and is known to shave time off of your overall life then at least stop smoking for the sake of your vanity. Smoking is terrible for your skin for a wide range of reasons including, it promotes the development of baggy under eyes, it causes a depletion of vitamins in your skin, it actually causes your skin to lose oxygen for a period of time and it causes your skin to age faster. Maybe you need to start vaping if you think you can’t stop smoking abruptly. Many people agree that it is a good way to start on the path of kicking out the bad habit.

Use Concealer– You know those circles you have under your eyes from the lack of sleep or because of genetic reasons? You can use concealer to cover them up and give yourself that wide eyes and invigorated look. When you’re out purchasing it just be sure to try it out first and go outside to see how it looks in natural light. You don’t want it to look cakey or look different from your natural skin tone in the outside world.

Use The Right Foundation– The same rule that applies to picking out the right concealer also applies to foundation so be sure to check yourself in natural light before purchasing foundation. A great way to apply it even;y by the way, is with the use of on of my all time favorite tools, the Beauty Blender.

Skip The Powder– Using a cream product rather than a powder is a great way to cover up fine lines while adding moisture to your skin. If you prefer the feel of a powder then pick our products that have a powder finish.

Use Natural Products– Products that are more natural than synthetic often times work just as well and are healthier for your body. Ingredients such as parabens and sulfate are highly dangerous and are completely unnecessary to use in beauty products. Why not use products that contain ingredients that you can actually read if they do the same job and don’t damage your health?

It’s never too early or too late to put these anti-aging beauty tips so be sure to incorporate them into your routine. As you can see, it’s not something that’s expensive to do and the time that you put into it will be beneficial to you in the long run. Besides, all of these tips are actually great ways to improve your overall health and as you know if you feel good on the inside them you’ll feel good on the outside.

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